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If you guys didn't know, I'm a massive lover of menswear, especially the effortless, sporty type. I get so excited every time London Collections: Men comes around just to see all the different silhouettes and looks, oh and of course the models. Lol. No but seriously, being a tomboy at heart is part of the reason why i have such a great love for menswear. I feel like, most recently since 2014, contemporary menswear has really demanded respect considering LCM is fairly new to the whole fashion week world. The concepts within menswear fashion is so intriguing to me, which i feel sometimes womenswear designers lack or have gotten lazy with. I'm not a great big fan of mainstream luxurious designers as I'm mostly fond of the emerging and underground.

I stumbled across this designer Hartono on my daily stalking on Trip Magazine and instantly fell in love. The contrast between the gritty, raw backdrop to the bold coloured and printed pieces. Oh and the play on "Just Do It". The designer, (Sherly Hartono) from Indonesia, has only released about 2 solid collections and I'm still on the hunt for more information as she is fresh on the scene. Exaggerated hemlines, tailored wool pants, printed bombers, sporty polo shirts evoke the essence of Hartono. The vision and aesthetic of this designer bridges the gap between modern biker boy and fashion conscious rude boy. She describes her work to be "Slouchy elegance". 


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  1. Very nice photos !



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