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LANZAROTE | 18th - 24th August
COPENHAGEN | 9th - 12th September

Apologies for the heavy image post but i really wanted to share my travels this summer. Lanzarote was one of those places that prove you wrong. Beforehand i mentally prepared myself for just another beach holiday to relax but after pretty much the first day there i realised the small island mostly made up of dry land was far more than just a beach holiday type of place. Every single house is white with either small details of brown or navy painted on the windows or stairs, the people are extremely friendly and from all walks of life. I hardly heard or saw a police car which to me was a good thing and the whole time i was there and i felt weirdly safe although i had never visited before. I went with my good friend Yvonne, who is very similar to me. We wanted to get the most out of the trip and have a great time, an adventure. The images i took are great but aren't anything close to what it actually feels like to be there. We learnt so much about the country and the culture, how there aren't any rivers, so they generate their own electricity, that it only rains 23 times in a year and how there was once a time the entire country was ordered to evacuate due to the volcanic activity on the west coast of the island. We rode the camels which was actually quite therapeutic and drank the best wine ill probably ever taste. Our hotel was absolutely amazing and i probably ate the amount i would eat in a month. Being pretty much the only two young black girls in the area where we were staying, everyone thought we were music artists of some sort which was actually quite amusing.

I plan to revisit as there was so much more we wanted to do. The trip made me realise how your surroundings effect your character and outlook on life. After speaking to a few guys that had moved out there from England, they told us to remember to think about the different places in the world when the time comes to settle, which really made me feel weird, being 21... i guess its almost time to think about those things. Having an escape from the bubble we get sucked into back home is very very healthy and as a young person, very necessary. There are so many great things that come from living in London but theres also great things that come from spending time some place else. Being somewhere else makes you realise how small some of our problems are. Your no longer a brat or feel entitled, but know you must work hard and never take advantage. Theres people out there that are so happy, probably happier than you that don't even have half of the things you have. The main things i took from that trip was to be grateful and work hard, and remember to be nice to people. And also sometimes talking to strangers is a good thing, you could learn a thing or two.

Copenhagen was a very different experience, but still a very good one. It wasn't much of a massive culture shock as it has its similarities to London but it definitely has its own character. Cycling is big thing in Copenhagen, no like really big guys. the cycling lane is basically the size of bus lanes in London and their community bikes you can rent out (like the Barclay bikes) have bloody engines. Yes, like actual engines that boost you forward with just one pedal. I went out there with my boyfriend as a birthday gift from him, very sweet i know, i know. We weren't out there for long but i took in as much as i could. The city is so clean and organised, kind of puts London to shame (no shade.) There are double decker TRAINS and the food is great. Sunday and Monday is pretty much their weekend as nothing is open on those days apart from the odd shop or two, which was quite weird and a bit annoying for us as we were more or less only there for the weekend. If i lived there i would love it, i do not believe in working on Sunday! I particularly love the small contemporary stores and the architecture. We stayed in a cute, mostly white interior, one bedroom apartment, shout outs to Airbnb. My favourite parts of the trip was cycling late at night when the roads were empty, walking along the river and admiring all the cute danish girl's style. Copenhagen is more or less an hour away on the plane so i do want to revisit. I love the fashion and every one is so nice. I think you guys must get the gist, i like kind people lol.

***If your in Copenhagen check out:
Wood Wood
Acne Archive
Naked Shoes
Louisiana Museum
Halifax Burger

Hope you enjoyed the small video.



  1. Looks like the best holiday! x

  2. We visited Playa de Papagayo twice and both times we were impressed with it. The beach itself is located within a National Park. The first time we walked from Playa Blanca where it took us around 1.5 hours to get there. The second time we drove here (There is a 3 euro entrance fee to enter the national park by car, this allows you access to the car parks as well).

  3. looks amazing! where did you get that white beach cover up in the first picture?


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