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D E T A I L S :
Pin Striped blazer | ASOS
Vintage sunglasses | Giant Vintage
Patchwork pants | Jaded London via ASOS
White Tee | Topshop
Red DX Old School Vans | Godhood
Chains | Topshop, Supreme, Ebay

Hi blogging fam, your girl is finally free. Uni is over, finito, DONE!
The cloud I'm on right now is higher than cloud 9 and ive never felt so elevated but also very proud.
Im not going to get into apologising for my absence because its been a well grafted one. The work ive been doing has been non-stop but one thing i can say I'm highly grateful for, is that university has taught me the beauty in patience and organisation. Im very happy to finally have more time on my hands to execute all the things ive been working on part time. A very special project of mine is coming as well... So keep your eyes peeled to GDSBRAND.

I feel like i can get back into engaging with my blogging family, all of you that have kept rocking with me. Im ready to really rekindle the vibes and all that!

I named the post new beginnings because thats exactly where I'm at right now in life. Closing one door and opening another. And I'm so motivated more than ever. New beginnings is a chance to prove to yourself you really can do anything you put your mind to, its also a chance to grow back in love with yourself and everything you enjoy. And in my case, fall back in love with blogging, creating, reading, style. Im really taking the time out to map where i want to go in life and as much as my dreams scare me, i am SO READY.

This outfit probably is a reflection of this chapter in my life. Stepping out from student/tenagehood to being a smart, put together adult. (Well trying to be one!) I thought the very bold contrast between smart and casual worked. Especially with the patchwork pants and matching vans. I got this blazer because i felt that it was one of those blazers that you could really dress down, and what better way to do that than with some printed joggers and vans.

Don't be afraid to go off the rails when it comes to fashion.
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  1. Yay girl, welcome back and congrats on completing this chapter of your life. I feel so old now lol but welcome to adulthood, it aint easy. Love the mix of prints and your jacket too.


  2. You look so amazing !


  3. Congrats on being done with uni!!! Yay! Love this look btw
    Marveling-Mind☀ | Instagram | Bloglovin’

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