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APRIL! We have completed the first quarter of the year. Time is going fast guys, i really don't know how to feel lol. Im dedicating this post to smart decisions and smart thinking. I feel like I've transcended into a whole new mindset in terms of the financial and business decisions I'm making. Ive become more unapologetic with the things i agree to do or the things i am involved in. Keeping my integrity and also remembering why I'm doing what i do is at the front of my mind before any decision i make. As a young creative we sometimes have to do things we won't really benefit from just to get by but I'm speaking into existence that i obtain a tremendous amount of faith in my growth and not to worry about the next pay check. Im on a roll in regards to knowing my worth. GIRLS, KNOW. YOUR. WORTH. Or as i like to say, know your sauce. Don't play yourselves. Having conversations with other young people, I'm so grateful to have had experience in creative fashion industries from the age of 16, understanding how things work and having a front row seat to the growth of various movements. If you are interning at the moment or trying to find some experience, do not take that time for granted. Your going to learn and take away way more valuable things from the work you do compared to what you will do for the business your interning for. Or if your in a job with other hustles, alway remember its not permanent and difficult day jobs build character lol. Trust me, we've all been there. Just keep going.

Some tips:
Aim high, THEN negotiate.
Do invoices on time with a 'paid within' notice.
Always remember they need you more than you need them.
When transitioning from 9-5 to freelance / intern, make sure you have atleast 3 months worth of pay or savings!

We've all had rough times and I've taught myself to embrace every season.

And to continue the boot saga, LAMODA blessed me again with some more awesome booties. I have to say these are definitely out of my comfort zone but I'm so happy i have worn them in. The first day i wore them i was so taken aback by how powerful they made me feel, its funny what a few added inches can do to your ego lol. I decided to pair these with one of my mother's old blazers she's had stashed from the 90s. Ive been really feeling the whole bumbag/belt trend so i thought, lets keep it simple but chic with just a cute synched waist and nothing underneath.


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