Clarissa Henry, also known as vintagedollrisa, is a bright, vibrant curly haired young individual, who started her blog to share and document her on-growing style. Ever since its launch in 2012, Clarissa has developed and moulded the vintagedollrisa brand into a place that has inspired many other young people to feel confident and bold. Clarissa embraces her tomboyish, edgy and fun style. She pioneers vintage sportswear and underground streetwear, allowing fellow young girls to see alternate options when it comes to female dressing. Her blog has become a source of style inspiration and her journey, through her creative visual stories based on chosen trends and outfits. 

Her blog has also landed her many online interviews and features as well as a ton of fun brand collaborations such as Nike, Liberty, ASOS, Lazy Oaf, La Moda UK, Urban Outfitters, Pretty Little Thing and many more. She encourages young females to find their inner Goddess and to stay true to themselves and she aspires to keep this message going.

Clarissa currently studies at London College of Fashion and is a freelance stylist and content creator. She has already been part of a number of publications and online magazines and has worked alongside a few UK based photographers. She is part of a creative collective called In Bloom and was ASOS' 2016's Student insider.

Her newest venture, GDSBRAND is a sportswear/streetwear brand and multimedia platform, celebrating young females in sport, showcasing the fusion of female fashion, sports and lifestyle.  She plans to create a movement and community of girls growing and embodying a sports lifestyle and tomboy style.

You can view her personal projects and her portfolio here.

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